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If your interest lies with the Celtic past, whether it's for witchcraft or another Pagan path, start with real Irish blogs and books. Below is a mixture of authors, scientists, traditionalists and those who love folklore and the gods. Authors Eddie Lenihan – a renowned storyteller and also the author of several books, eddie Lenihan is... Continue Reading →

Imbolc Sabbat Index: Craftings, Cleansings, and Rituals for a Witch’s High Winter

 JANUARY 25, 2019 BY HERON MICHELLE2 Imbolc (im’-molk), is the Witch’s grand sabbat of High Winter. I celebrate the peak of the winter season when the sun reaches 15 degrees Aquarius, which falls sometime during the first week of February. To discover the date that occurs this year, check out  In the Sojourner Tradition of Modern Witchcraft,... Continue Reading →

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