Witch Bottle Spell for Protection, Growth, and Success


Witch bottles are one of my favorite spell techniques. When I wanted to cast a spell of protection, growth, and success, I knew that’s what I wanted to create. In this article, I go over the process of making a witch bottle spell step-by-step. Magick is as real as the spells we cast. A well-constructed spell is worth the effort.

All the ingredients – at least the magickal ones – for protection, growth, and success. I wish you the same.

Someone recently asked me if it was true that a spell wouldn’t work unless divination was performed immediately before casting. Nonsense. There’s so much other false information out there about casting spells that I thought I would write about one of my tried-and-true methods: a witch bottle spell with an animal spirit ally. Since I recently cast a spell of protection, growth, and success for all things associated with Keeping Her Keys, it seems sensible to plunk the spell right into this article. Spells work best when they are embedded within the things being bewitched.

When I have important witchery to do, I usually create a witch bottle containing a spell combining different spirits with a powerhouse incantation. I love merging all the energies together and then watching the jar do its thing over the coming months.

Witch Bottles

A clean clear bottle or jar with a tight lid should be used for a spell of attraction like this one. Sometimes the lid contains the spell, like with a banishing, but for this spell it’s about keeping the ingredients free of contaminants. Sealing the jar with wax and/or fabric is also helpful. Don’t worry about the spell not being able to escape the bottle, the spirits within know how to travel through space and time.

The liquid in a witch bottle can be water, alcohol or even urine. Moonwater, captured during an appropriate phase is easy to work with. Different types of alcohol also have different spirits (pun intended), so use your intuition and consult standard interpretations to make the wisest choice. You may have a personal type of alcohol that truly speaks to you. Bourbon is a soulmate of mine. Alcohol is good for longer duration spells. Vinegar is great as well, especially for banishing and cleansing witch bottles.


The intention is the “mission statement” of the spell. Crisp, concise and clear. Short sentences. Strong verbs. Using a word web to untangle the intention is always a good approach.  For example, “Keeping Her Keys will be protected from all harm, with steady healthy growth that leads to success that supports my community and creates financial security.” There’s a lot that went into developing that intention. Protection includes a myriad of concepts, from banishing haters to ensuring my health stays good. Growth that’s steady and sustainable is my goal, not a wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Success, to me, includes providing content that benefits my community as well as personal prosperity. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that taking my time in developing the intention is vital for effective spells. Avoid rushing into one. Desperate witchcraft rarely goes well.

Correspondences and Spirits

The spirits that can be summoned for a spell are immeasurable. I almost always use animal, plant and stone spirits in mine. I rarely directly call upon Hekate or another deity, although I often feel her witches’ watching over my shoulder. Hekate as the Queen of Witches is always involved, anyway. You may have a deity or entity in mind when you are working on your intention, or you can research which one will work well with you for this particular project. Regardless of the spirits called upon, the better you know them, the better the spell.

For me, those spirits are animal, plant, and stone. Often called correspondences, these magickal beings have multiple complex properties and unique personalities. Use your intuition and a quality reference book, such as Llewellyn’s Book of Correspondences to get started with choosing your own. The spells we craft ourselves are always more effective.

Botanicals for protection, growth, and success: bay, benzoin, birch, foxglove, juniper, mugwort, oak, rose, sage. If you’re creating this blend, swap out the highly toxic foxglove with pennyroyal.

Characteristics and Properties

Effective witchcraft needs to be specific. If I was to petition (i.e., ask for help) from Hekate or another deity, I would call upon characteristic that correspond to my working. This enables the deity or entity to know what witchery is afoot. Plants, stones, and animals have properties associated with them. Colors also have certain qualities. The elements and planets are associated with all of these but can also lend their energies without added correspondences. All things have energetic currents that flow from them.

The only botanical purchased for this spell was the benzoin, the rest came from my property.

Choosing Wisely

There are countless correspondences and spirits to call upon for magickal assistance, and almost as many ways to go about selecting which ones to include. I prefer to use mostly plants, animals, and stones that I can wild harvest or that find their way to me. I have decades of experience with occult herbalism, so I let my knowledge and intuition guide me in the right direction, then work with what’s practical, ethical, and available.

Weaving the Web

Use the intention to guide your selection. Narrow down the characteristics of each correspondent and spirit. Contemplate how each goes together but works independently. Weave a web, drawing one linking all your spirits and correspondences is helpful. Honestly, I use an Excel spreadsheet for my major spells like this one. Keep in mind that all spirits, from plant to goddess, have their own free will and personality. Sometimes you may not be able to work with them. The process can take time, but it’s so worth it.

Make it Personal

I never cast a spell without including material representations of things involved with the outcome, especially the people and objects involved. Blood, hair, nail clippings, skin, and even urine can be used. As you add these bits, envision your energy as it will be when the spell is achieved pouring into it, mingling with the other spirits engaged. Inserting sigils, words, and other representations of your focus on paper works extremely well. As the liquid breaks them down, they become part of the energetic currents emanating from the witch bottle. Add your personal sigils and symbols, too.


If you’ve got a great intention but are feeling overwhelmed by the spirits and correspondences to choose from, using the cards to reveal which ones to select can be most helpful. Tarot cards all have botanical relations (see below). You can also use the symbols on the cards to help you. A deck with a quality guide book will be useful, too. Or you can do a yes/no reading giving the cards specific correspondences and spirits.

Crafting the Correspondences

In this spell, I took a simple approach by blending my chosen botanicals in the direction suited for their purpose while focusing my attention on their properties being evoked. Banishing herbs are blend counter clockwise, for example. In this spell, I purely focused on attracting protection, growth, and success so I blended clockwise while drawing the new moon into them. It’s a lot of mind work, but with practice it gets much easier. Learning to open up your own powers, what I call the Hekatean Cord, is the first step before being able to direct correspondences and spirits. In this spell, there are nine major parts, with a botanical to represent each one. I always weave the number of ingredients into the spell as well. Nine is associated with accomplishment, inspiration, protection, and moon magic, so it makes perfect sense to have this number of ingredients for a spell of protection, growth, and success.

PGS Blend ready for the bottle and burning. Add personal pieces, pebbles, charms, and more to your witch bottle that speak to your purpose. A glass evil eye is a great protection, revelation or banishing boost to the bottle.

Animal Spirits

In this spell, I call upon Owl to be my ally as the spell works. I made a charm out of owl feathers, black, red, and white cord, and various charms to represent the nine key parts of the spell.

Known by many different names, this is a charm for bonding with an owl spirit ally.


Once you’ve chosen your spirits and correspondences, then it’s time to write an incantation activating all their energies. The incantation directs the spirits summoned into the spell. Incantations can include words, actions, and feelings. The more energy given to the direction being given, the more likely the spirt will do as instructed. Once the spirits have been chosen (or have appeared on their own), craft the incantation so that each one is specifically called upon. In addition, add sections where you describe your overall mission. I’m sharing the incantation for my protection, growth, and success spell below as an example.

I always write an incantation that rhymes, drawing on the energy of the rhythm in addition to the power of the spoken words. My rhymes will never win a poetry slam, but they get the job done. When writing your own incantations, use a structure that feels right for you. If you can’t say the incantation with authority and confidence, your spirits will get concerned about your sincerity.

Incantative actions include the methods used with correspondences and spirits, such as blending botanicals in a specific manner. Summoning the emotions associated with achieving your goal is also helpful. Faking it until you make it.

I start with the broadest spirit being evoked, work through the specific ones and then close with release and gratitude to the spirits.

Bits of birch bark and bay leaves may need to be crumpled by hand. Never touch foxglove with bare ones.


Now comes the absolute best part: combining your chosen spirits, correspondences, and incantation into a fantastic spell. Depending on the environment in which you are casting the spell, cleansing may be in order and you could need to cast a circle if there is discord, disarray or distress where you’ll be doing the work. A black candle is a great support for keeping any intruders away during the casting.

Everyone is ready for the final stage.

For this spell, I recited the incantation while blending the botanicals and creating the owl ally charm. I also added a few drops of my blood. The charm bonds me to owl so that she becomes a fetch of sorts, carrying out the work of the spell for me and helping me along my way towards achieving the goals. Once all the components were ready, I crafted the bottle, again saying the incantation. Holding the vision of what will be achieved through the spell while creating the bottle is necessary.

Burning the botanicals used in a spell to activate the owl charm and the bottle. Pay attention to the smoke when burning incense. This dense, white smoke indicates a good spell is underway.

Spell for Protection, Growth, and Success

Feel free to use this spell as is, but it will be so much more effective for you if you adapt it to your specific needs. I’m sharing the incantation below to inspire you with your own spellcrafting, whether with a witch bottle or otherwise. Embedding the incantation within the Keeping Her Keys blog serves to further activate it. One final thing, if you can spare a bit of energy to strengthen this spell, please do so.

I cast this spell when the moon is new,

Great Selene, now I summon you.

Pour your fresh light into my claim,

I call you down in Hekate’s name.

Into these plants, your energy flows.

With each drop, my spell so grows.

Hail plants, know your time has come at last.

Join with my spell, your rest has passed.

Heed my words, I command you.

Make this spell strong and true.

Sage, first to you I call,

Lend your strength and purify all.

Juniper, grant me knowledge of those of ill intent,

Boundaries enforced, enemies are far sent.

Foxglove, your powers I now rend,

healing and harmony into my blend,

My pretty, poisonous witches’ friend.

Benzoin, resin from far away,

Add your focus and calm starting this day.

Birch, creativity, kindness, and growth from you I take,

Add your wisdom, this spell I make.

Mugwort, most potent plant,

Powerful growth you now grant.

Bay leaves I add for blessings and more,

Send truth and influence to you I implore.

Rose, fairest flower, I ask you to share

Support and blessings, all you can spare,

Not only to myself, but to all those who enter here.

Oak, grant security and success from now on,

Mighty tree of magick I now call on.

Great plants, I stir and bind,

Mixing your spirits, the moons, and mine.

Onto Owl, my chosen guardian,

The power of this spell I now send.

Great Owl, watch over all I create,

Guard my work I do implore,

Send growth my way forever more.

Success you bring on your mighty wings,

Great messenger of Hekate, the Witches’ Queen.

My spirit companions and eager friends,

I praise you for all that you lend.

Fairest moon, send this spell aflight,

Releasing it through your eternal light.

This spell has been cast,

Our work is done,

What we have bound cannot be undone!

Keep your witch bottles on a window sill where the moon can continue to draw from them.

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