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A Wonderful Devotional to the Earth: Early Spring Garden Goals and Tips

 MARCH 12, 2019 BY MELISSA HIll Pagans like green things, but just because you love the horned god doesn’t make you good at helping flowers get it on. As this gardening season marches on (pun intended) I’m going to be letting you all in on some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years,... Continue Reading →

Solanum: The Poison Plants of Witchcraft Once a long time ago when humans still communed with plants, the spirits of the dead, and the gods, the people learned of the Solanaceae genus of plants  – of both their great powers and their dangers. Those who knew of the secrets of these plants, later branded as witches and poisoners,... Continue Reading →

Spellbound: Ways of Using Binding In Witchcraft

 FEBRUARY 7, 2019 Lately it seems like binding spells have gotten a bad reputation. Far from being merely used for cursing, binding is an essential part of all witchcraft, beyond restraining undesirables or compelling a lover. We bind the ingredients in our spells to each other, to objects, to ourselves and others. All witchcraft, at... Continue Reading →

Initiated by the Otherworld: Spooky Experiences Create Witches

 JANUARY 30, 2019 BY ASTREA1 The strange and mystical experiences I’ve had since I was a child have made me what I am.  What else could I become, but a witch?  I travel the only path that has ever captured my interest–deeper into the wild woods.  Further into the spiritual realms.  Following the faint scent of... Continue Reading →

Imbolc Sabbat Index: Craftings, Cleansings, and Rituals for a Witch’s High Winter

 JANUARY 25, 2019 BY HERON MICHELLE2 Imbolc (im’-molk), is the Witch’s grand sabbat of High Winter. I celebrate the peak of the winter season when the sun reaches 15 degrees Aquarius, which falls sometime during the first week of February. To discover the date that occurs this year, check out  In the Sojourner Tradition of Modern Witchcraft,... Continue Reading →

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