Irish Celtic Resources Books & Blogs

If your interest lies with the Celtic past, whether it’s for witchcraft or another Pagan path, start with real Irish blogs and books. Below is a mixture of authors, scientists, traditionalists and those who love folklore and the gods.


Eddie Lenihan – a renowned storyteller and also the author of several books, eddie Lenihan is a great resource for folklore

Lora O’Brien – a selection of valuable books on Irish paganism, including material focused on a specific location (Rathcroghan) as well as material on practicing Irish paganism in general

Dáithí Ó hÓgáin – a prolific author who produced a lot of great works on Irish myth and folklore; a bit date dnow but they still stand up as valuable reading

Anthony Murphy – both fiction and non-fiction based on Irish mythology and sacred sites

John-Paul Patton – a great resource for the Ogham and for understanding the poets place in Ireland more generally

Jacqueline Borsje – a scholar with a couple books as well as a good number of articlespublished, Dr. Borsje is affiliated with the University of Ulster.

Bonus author – I can’t leave this without mentioning at least one fiction author, so:
Ruth Frances Long – this author has several series, but I especially enjoyed the Dubh Linn series beginning with ‘A Crack in Everything‘, it is an interesting blend of urban fantasy and folklore.


Lora O’Brien – a solid blog that features articles on a variety of topics relating to Irish paganism and practice

Mythical Ireland – a series of blog articles including photographs taken around Ireland and discussion of mythology and folklore of different sites.

an Scéalaí Beag – a modern story teller, this blog features new and re-envisioned tales of the Irish gods

Ali Isaac – a more experiential and personal look at Irish mythology and stories

Ireland’s Folklore and Traditions – excellent blog about traditional Irish beliefs, traditions, and folklore

Pagan Life Rites – a pagan clergy group in Ireland that has a blog which includes some great material and resources

This is an excerpt from Patheos FEBRUARY 5, 2019 BY MORGAN DAIMLER

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