The New And Improved Essential Oils

Essential oils are no longer a short-acting perfume for stinky bathrooms or to use in your bedroom on romantic nights. Years ago we didn’t question the purity of the oil or if the lavender was natural or chemical. Yuck, right?

The new hybrid oils have grown up to be a multi-million dollar business with reputable quality-first companies. Real coconut oil, fresh herbs, flowers and woods cut during peak growth and protected by shaded glass containers from the sun. These essences have come a long way from the corner drug store variety.

In an age of a growing Pagan community in the United States and a push to use only the best ingredients by the younger generations, essential oils have become, well, essential. Witches are using these natural concoctions for powerful spells, as body nutrition, to inhale for overall health or to change their mood.

Many have found benefits of essential oils to include an anxiety blocker, sleep aid and aphrodisiac. These mixtures have gone through massive research and are labeled for safe use on skin, for inhalants or internal consumption. Independent lab tests concluded that smelling Jasmine compares with Valium to calm an individual . Jasmine apparently has a direct effect on the human nervous system. A study found that Jasmine may decrease heart rate, blood pressure, and improve immune function.

Alternative medical practitioners are currently using diffusers for aromatherapy with low doses of many of these oils to support hands-on healing. Practitioners have found essential oils useful for relieving pain and as an adjunct to psychological therapies for depression.

Entrepreneurs of home-based companies are using the oils to make their own soaps, body lotions, face scrubs, lip balm and bath oils. But a caution to users of essentials oils. Some are toxic to pets and contraindicated for men. Be sure to read the labels and check online for any complications for use.

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