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According to Witchipedia A Hedgewitch is a witch who practices both wortcunning and hedge jumping, that is, she has knowledge and skills about herbs and also astral projection. Many hedge witches also accumulate a great deal of wisdom about the natural world in general, particular their local ecology. Hedge witches often practice divination as well and act as a intermediary between the spirit or astral realms and the material realm. A hedgewitch is similar to a shaman in many ways but there is no central hedgewitch tradition and most hedgewitches are both solitary and eclectic in their practice.

A hedge, from the Old English haeg which is obviously related to hag defines the physical boundary between spaces, between a “civilized” garden and the wilderness, between life and death and between worlds. This is the primary skill of a hedgewitch navigating the hedges.

With that witch definition let me add that I’m Celtic with family from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany. Western Europe was the only place to escape Roman and barbarian influence back hundreds of years ago. The language spoken was mostly the Irish Gaelic (Goidelic), presumed to be the older version of Celtic.

On a personal level, I have an indoor herbal garden and soon when the Spring Equinox arrives I will begin to plant my outdoor garden. I’ve moved to the Washington northern forest to a Victorian home with a solarium. I’m truly blessed and have met like-minded witches and Pagans of other paths here. I would be honored if you follow my workings and blog.

Blessed Be, Lady Rose Embyrs

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